Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work ?

The process is fairly simple. I just need some information on the house or apartment complex and can make a determination if I’m interested in making you an offer fairly quickly.   Our buying criteria is based on us buying your property under market value fixing it up and either holding it for a long-term investment or selling it to an end user. A question to the Thailand frequently asked questions

 Step 1. Complete the online form which identifies the property address and condition and your contact information.

Step 2.  I will respond to your email letting you know that I have your information.

Step 3. I will conduct a computer analysis to determine if I could make you a fair offer on your property.

 Step  4.  I will contact you buy a phone or email and advise you if your property meets are buying criteria. This is the point where I schedule an appointment to come out and view the property.

We Buy Apartment Buildings